Beer. Beer Is a wonderful thing. Beer leads to some really great ideas, some really bad ideas, and some that change your life. Our story is filled with all of those ideas. Our story begins in January of 2014. James freshly 21 started trying any craft beer he could get his hands on. His brother-in-law loved craft beer and helped fuel the burn that James had for Craft Beer.

James started to home brew while he was at Lawrence Tech and started to share his love for craft beer and brewing with one of his close friends Marcus. Marcus and James quickly found themselves becoming regulars at a local tasting room where they quickly fell in love with the beer community.

James had an idea. He wanted to turn their passion for beer into something more. He wanted to open a brewery. Its not an easy task. In March of 2015 we started researching and looking into how feasible it would be. This continued for almost a year on and off all while working full time jobs.

In September of 2016 James and Marcus met with our contact in Macomb County to look at a building. They both fell madly in love with it. With the passion, a plan, and a possible location it was time to start to get more serious about the potential of the brewery coming to fruition.

When we started out our name was totally different, but that’s a story to ask us in person. We chose Hodgepodge for a multitude of reasons the primary reason was how different Marcus and I both are and how many beer styles we both love.

Currently the team is working on securing a location and funding (saying this isn’t expensive is an understatement.) With the business plan being changed and updated, getting quotes of equipment, trying to find staff, and capital it’s a lot of work and an undertaking. We are hoping our doors will open and first beer poured in the summer of 2018.

So why’d we get into it. Well the answer is simple. We wanted beers our way. Sure that’s what so many breweries say but its true. We also wanted to be apart of the Michigan Beer community.